24/6? How to avoid being always on


Our 24/7 ‘always-on’ culture has made it very hard to switch off.

Research suggests that spending too much time with our digital devices can negatively impact the quality of our sleep, focus, productivity, relationships and mental health.

If the idea of disconnecting to find some headspace feels like an impossible dream, this fun, zero-judgement workshop will help you redefine your relationship with your digital device.

Explore how your digital habits impact your wellbeing, learn from the latest research, participate in some fun activities and start your digital wellness journey.

This workshop will:

– Teach you how the human brain responds to different digital activities

– Help you review your digital habits and boundaries to become more present, focused, creative or calm (at home or in the workplace)

– Give you the tools to build a healthy and intentional relationship with your device

– Prepare you for a mini digital detox (if you want one!)