Welcome to Brighton Summit 24/7

Brighton Summit is the city’s greatest annual meeting of minds. It’s an away day, an ideation workshop and a networking event all rolled into one. We’ll have superb speakers, wonderful workshops, brilliant breakouts, next-level networking and so much more.

This year’s Summit will be held in Brighton’s magnificent Corn Exchange – part of the Royal Pavilion Estate – which recently reopened following a £38 million refurbishment.

No matter where you are on your career pathway, the Summit offers a great chance to learn, engage and reflect. With attendees spanning sole traders to multinationals, and start-ups to charities, you’ll have an opportunity to share different perspectives and experiences.

Each year, we focus on a specific theme and this year, it’s 24/7. As the great enabler of our times, 24/7 culture affords us opportunities and experiences we’d never otherwise have had. It makes the world more accessible – locally and globally – and facilitates connection with family, friends and colleagues. Join us as we reflect on what it means to have ‘more hours in the day’ and consider the cost at which it comes.

For a taster of last year’s event, take a look at our showreel.

I’m curious to find out more

“The aim of the Summit is always to inspire; something that might set your brain alight or help you think about how to do something differently in the future, to give you fresh ideas. It’s a 100% ‘out of the box’ day.”