The Choir with No Name

The Choir with No Name

Brighton Choir with No Name has been running in partnership with BHT Sussex since 2018. 

They are a choir for adults who have experienced homelessness or marginalisation, coming together weekly to sing uplifting pop music.  

As well as rehearsing, they love sharing the joy of singing with the wider community and run an extensive outreach programme.  

BHT Sussex work to combat homelessness, providing support for rough sleepers, homes and specialist support services across Sussex. They facilitate Brighton Choir with No Name’s weekly rehearsals, funding teas, biscuits and a homecooked hot meal.


The joy of singing HOUR



The Meeting House

Singing makes you feel good, fact! It sparks joy, it binds us with others, spreads community, boosts our wellbeing, and connects us to our bodies and voices, reminding us that we are human.  

In this HOUR with The Choir with No Name, warm up your voice and bodies as you work together to learn a song. With support from the choir’s musical director Freya, and Ian on the keys, raise your voices and leave the day-to-day stressors of life at the door. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and connect with other humans in a completely different way.  

Think you can’t sing? Never sung in public before, only in the shower? Sounds perfect, we’ll see you there.