James Tucker

James Tucker

Originally from Bristol, James Tucker is a film and video maker who’s lived in Brighton for 20 years.

He has been Director of Photography on numerous short films and documentaries and works full-time as a cameraman and editor for companies and organisations; he also films at large scale events including the Sundance Film Festival in London. (He has also filmed Brighton Summit!)

He married Michael Urwin in 2022, the same year that they filmed Brighton Portraits: A Year in the Life.


The cinema HOUR: A year in our city



Duke's at Komedia

Brighton as a city has a long and storied history of film and cinema. It’s been the backdrop to iconic movies and television, from Quadrophenia to Mr Bean, and is home to the oldest cinema in the UK.

So, for this HOUR at Brighton Summit, we’re celebrating our city in film for a screening of Brighton Portraits: A Year in the Life at Duke’s at Komedia. Made in 2022 by Brighton filmmakers James Tucker and Michael Urwin, Brighton Portraits captures the sights, sounds and historic events of our beloved city over the course of a year.

The resulting film is very much not a picture postcard – or tourist promotion – but a reflective time capsule presenting a 24/7 view of Brighton in all its humanity, beauty and ugliness.