Why do some people fear the unknown, while others thrive in it?

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Chamber member Simon Smyth, Director of Computer-Eyez, discusses how when it comes to the unknown individuals either sink or swim. Read about his tips on embracing the fear of the unknown in our blog. 

“The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past.”
– Simon Senek

Whether it’s your first public speech, first business venture or first sky diving class, you can either sink or swim.

The above examples all have the same thing in common – They’re your first. In other words, they are an unknown and new experience to you.

The unknown element in a situation is simply the lack of knowledge…anything could happen outside of your control.

Fear often comes from a shortage of information. For example, people are afraid of the dark because they can’t process what’s in it…it could be a hideous monster, a ghost, or a millennial (kidding…).

The uncertainty of the situation can cause some people to sink.

So why do some people swim in the unknown?
Some people see the unknown in a different way – an opportunity. Instead of playing it safe they embrace the moment, and in doing so thrive.

Just like management, leadership or confidence, embracing the unknown is a skill. And a skill is improved by practice.

Could it be that people who thrive in the unknown do so because they are used to it? They do things for the first time all the time?

How to embrace the unknown: Jump into it more often!

Thank you to Simon Smyth for providing this blog. Computer-eyez is a client-centric IT Support & Telecoms company based near Brighton. To find out more go to or call 01273 806211.

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