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What 24/7 means to our brilliant brains

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Every year, we ask a group of Brighton Chamber members to join our brilliant brains – they’re the people in business in Brighton who help us expertly curate the Summit programme.   

At Brighton Summit 24/7 on 23 October, we’ll be exploring how our 24/7 culture offers us opportunities we would have never had otherwise. Come along for the city’s greatest annual meeting of minds, for a full day of speakers, workshops, networking and more! This year we’ll be in the heart of Brighton at the newly refurbished Corn Exchange, to learn, engage, network and reflect.  

Our 24/7 theme can mean different things to different people, so we asked some of our brilliant brains to share a bit about what it means to them. 


Rich Ford headshot

What opportunities does 24/7 present? 

Rich Ford, Creative Director at Sherlock Studio

In so many ways, 24/7 culture enriches our lives and makes them easier; it’s generally a positive, progressive enabler. But it also challenges our prevailing sense of time and erodes traditional time-set boundaries. To maximise its benefit without the side effects, we need to ensure it empowers us without overwhelming us. 




Karen Dobres headshot

Always on  

Karen Dobres, Former Director of Lewes FC  

Football is always on. During the season, the game is more a way of life than a job. The ‘football family’ work long hours with match days to prepare for, and results to sell. Weekends, too, are all-important climaxes with men’s matches on Saturdays, women’s Sundays. At Lewes FC high performance football is a vehicle for social change, so we work constantly as a team on – and off – the pitch to achieve the performances and campaigning activations that fans flock to see over 70 times a year, home and away. Hate to say it, but many of us are probably… Obsessed.



Kerry Watkins headshot

What does 24/7 mean to your business/industry?  

Kerry Watkins, Managing Director at Social for Good  

The world of social media is 24/7. It doesn’t stop. The feed goes on forever and there’s always another video to watch, another connection to make, another comment to add. For anyone working in marketing, the temptation to check on your socials outside of working hours is real. And even when you’re check your personal socials, you might see something work-related and your brain may as well be back in the office. Having clear boundaries with social media is essential to ensure you have time to unplug, switch off and protect your own wellbeing.  




Amy Lishman headshot

What does 24/7 mean to you? 

Amy Lishman, Head of Member Engagement & Deputy CEO at Brighton Chamber  

24/7 means shaking things up and questioning the ‘norm’.  To me it also begs the question ‘how do you want to spend your precious time on this planet? It makes me think about my energy, my priorities and my values and how everything I do is governed by those things.  24/7 is provocative. I immediately went negative when I heard it, but now I just think ‘what if’ things could be different, and how do I make that happen?




Brighton Summit 24/7 is on Wednesday 23 October. It’s a full day jam-packed with superb speakers, wonderful workshops, brilliant breakouts, next-level networking and so much more to help supercharge your business and professional development. Find out more get your ticket here. 

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