Designing EV Charging Hubs for exceptional human experiences: Osprey's approach

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In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), creating charging infrastructure that goes beyond basics is becoming essential for the future of transportation. At Osprey Charging, we believe that the future of EV charging should be more than just functional – it should be about exceptional human experiences.

From safety and accessibility to payment options and amenities, every aspect of our EV charging hubs is thoughtfully curated to provide an environment that drivers, regardless of age or background, genuinely enjoy using.

Safety first: a cornerstone of design 

Safety is paramount in any public space, and our EV charging hubs are no exception. We’ve designed our hubs with a focus on well-lit and secure environments. From ample lighting to clear signage and well-marked pathways, our design ensures that drivers feel safe and comfortable while charging their vehicles. This approach not only promotes a sense of security but also encourages drivers to frequent our hubs, building trust in our network.

Inclusive design for all drivers

Accessibility is a principle we embrace wholeheartedly. Our charging hubs are designed to accommodate the needs of all drivers, regardless of their abilities. Wide charging bays, easy-to-use charging points with weight-managed cables, and step-free access ensure that everyone – from differently-abled individuals to families with pushchairs – can comfortably use our facilities. Inclusivity is not just an afterthought; it’s an integral part of our design philosophy and enriches the experience for everyone.

Varied payment options

Choice is key when it comes to payment options. Recognising that each driver has their preference, our charging hubs offer a myriad of simple payment methods. Whether you prefer contactless payment by bank card, app-based transactions, or RFID roaming cards, we give drivers the choice. By simplifying the payment process, we remove unnecessary hassles, ensuring that the charging experience is seamless and user-friendly.

Amenities that speak to everyone

Imagine arriving at a charging hub that feels more like a welcoming stopover than an unavoidable pit stop. That’s what we’re striving for. Osprey’s charging hubs are more than just a place to plug in – they’re spaces where drivers can truly relax and recharge, both their vehicles and themselves. With carefully chosen amenities like seating areas, green spaces, coffee-to-go and retailers catering to different age groups and budgets, we’re creating environments that appeal to all drivers. Would you feel comfortable here? Would your grandmother? These questions guide our choices.

Creating spaces of choice

At Osprey Charging, the future of EV charging is human-centric. By designing charging hubs that prioritise safety, inclusivity, and comfort, we’re paving the way for an electric future that’s not just about the vehicles, but about the experiences that surround them. From the moment drivers arrive at our hubs to the moment they drive away, our goal is to make their journey – and our planet’s – a little better. By designing for people, we’re creating spaces that leave a lasting impression, that people choose to visit, time and again, and drive the change towards sustainable transportation.

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